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Taking Orders

From Shelf Branding to Full Area Branding


Refresh- Rebrand- Retention

The competition between Eating Outlets is Fierce, and we will have to Work Together for any Marketing Campaigns to be Successful. We have over 10 Years’ Food to Go Marketing Experience, Working with some of Cyprus’s largest Private and Public Sector Organisations, the Largest Sectors being Retail, Airlines, Education and Healthcare. The Broad Spectrum of Customers helps us Understand and take Active Part in the individual Marketing Requirements and Strategies for each working Partnership.


We have various Models of Food to Go Marketing and Strategies that promise to Help you Improve your Business and get Attention from Growling Customers Everywhere!

Image by Marvin Meyer

In-House Sales Support

Express Remote Marketing

Our In-House Marketing and Design Department can help Building your Brand Identity, which in turn can have a Big Effect on your Sales Performance. We can provide Bespoke Point of Sales build on the area’s Identity and around the Target Audience.


We can provide an array of Point of Sale Material that Targets your Food Target Patrons, Designs Promoting everything from a Plant-Based Diet to those who prefer to Eat Healthier.

Mouth Watering Marketing

People Buy with their Eyes!​

One of the very best ways to Promote any of the Simply Lunch Box Food to Go ranges is through Social Media using High-Quality, Drool-Inducing Images.

We have an Extensive Library of Delicious Visual Content that can be used on your Website and across your Social Media Outlets, perfect for drawing Hungry Eyes.

Image by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis

Earning Your Trust


Food For Thought

To help us Keep ahead of the Pack when Looking for Information on the Latest Food Trends, we involve our Supplier’s Development teams, who in some areas are Developing real Ground-Breaking New Products with our Assistance, the current being the planned Plant-Based Range.


The more Heads the Better we feel, so we also turn towards Brainstorming Sessions with both our Customers and their Customers. We are looking into Introducing Workshops with the Help of our Ingredient Suppliers during 2020, which we will Invite our Customers to take part.

As well as the Usual Online and By Foot Trend Research, we also receive Information from Food and Drink Specialists. These Trend Partners trend spot daily, Reporting and Prediction as well as Offering Ideation Insights from all over the World.

Business Brainstorm

Fresh Thinking


Knowledge- Trends- Inspiration

We have over 10 Years Passion and Knowledge of Food to Go and our Proactive Approach to Current and Upcoming Food Trend Development have Certainly Contributed to our Fantastic Customer Retention.

Our Research and Development Team help Create Convenience Food Market-Winning Products and realize Big Food Ideas well before the Majority of our Competitors.




We are in the process of creating a Tasty Newsletter Blog to help Celebrate both ours and our customers Success, discuss new Menu Items and share Special News. Items within the Blog can also be used by our Valued Customers to help Promote the Transparent Supply Chain.

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