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Image by Pille-Riin Priske

Who are we?


Simply Lunch Box is Cyprus's Largest Independent Wholesale Sandwich Company with a Custom Built State of the Art Production Facility based in Alambra Industrial Area.

We are dedicated to Delivery Nationwide, consistent High Quality Pre-Packaged 'Simply Lunch Box to Go'

with an Evolving Honest Sustainable Edge.

One Stop Supply Chain


We've got Everything you need, in one stop to help support the Success of your Business

Chilled - Ambient - Frozen

Every Sandwich we Make has a Story

Working Partnerships

Exceptional Food to Go doesn't happen by Chance; it takes an incredible amount of Enthusiasm, Work and Dedication. We are excited to Work and Dedication. We are excited to Work with likeminded people, who are Passionate and Delicious Sandwiches and much much more.

Our Wholesale Partners play a Significant Role in Helping us to Connect the Dots by sharing our Food and their Ingredient and Packaging Stories with their Customers.

Colorful Food
City Market

Transparent Supply

We aim to Provide consistently High Quality Food in a Supportive, Communicative and Transparent way. We have a proven Track Record, we can provide Evidence of our impressive Customer Retention, Food Safety and Service Level Commitments, all providing you with Peace of Mind that Simply Lunch Box products are as good as they say they are!

High Quality, consistent Presentation and Freshness

define much of the way we run our Business!

Meeting the Standards

Supporting Cyprus & E.U. Standards

Each and every Simply Lunch Box product that we lovingly Hand Make in our Audited and approved State of Art Production Facility is meticulously Monitored and Scrutinized to ensure that our Food is always tasting its Best.

In the upcoming summer, we will be releasing the new Menu, which will be revised every 6 Months to ensure that we Support Menu and Chiller fatigue.

We have established Strong Partnerships with our Ingredient Suppliers throughout Cyprus and abroad. The stories of these ISO certified Producers, Growers  and Distributors are as Meaningful and Significant to us as the Simply Lunch Box products themselves.

Image by Walter Otto

Go Green


Packaging that doesn't Cost the Earth

At Simply Lunch Box we continuously Challenge ourselves to reduce Environmental Impact made by Packaging. Our promise is to Incorporate the Plastic Free range in our Facility and use Materials and Processes that will work with Recycling and Waste Infrastructures currently available in Cyprus.

Image by Markus Spiske

We've got the Environment all Wrapped Up

Upcoming January, all our film wraps will be made from Renewable Plant-Based Materials and will be Compostable and Biodegradable.


As always, they will also Preserve the Freshness and Quality of the Wonderful Simply Lunch Box food inside.

100% Sustainable Plastic Free Packaging

The Sandwich and Hospitality Packaging uses Sustainably Sourced Materials including a plastic-free, transparent film that Biodegrades over a 12-month period, in combination with recyclable FSC carton board, resulting in a more Environmentally-Friendly Packaging offering for our Customers.


The new Plastic Free Packaging as a significant development in the Food to  Go industry, combating the limitations of a developing Recycling Infrastructure and giving the Environmentally Conscious Consumer piece of mind that wherever they dispose of their Sandwich Packaging, there will be no Negative Effect to the Environment.

Image by Nikola Jovanovic

The next generation sandwich company!

Simply Lunch Box is the first Sandwich Company in their sector to launch the Plastic-Free Sandwich pack and Eco pack hospitality range that can be easily Recycled within Cyprus Infrastructure

Image by Photo Boards

Green Fleet

Reducing the Footprint

We own and maintain daily our strong Green Fleet Managed Vehicles, all exceptionally driven by our own well-trained Delivery Team, all with the help of Pioneering Temperature Logs, tracker and CO2 measuring Technology – that’s how we Deliver Daily throughout the country always Fresh, Fast and on Time.


When one of non contract Vehicles has completed its Delivery Schedule, it collects goods from Suppliers, which ensures the Van is not coming back Empty, thus Reducing the Carbon Footprint by not sending the vehicle out Wasting Fuel and Reducing Congestion. 

Delivery Routes are Continually Assessed to Ensure Drivers are taking the Shortest most Economical Route.

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